Friday, May 11, 2007

die you yellow soulless bastards, die - that message being only for dandilions, of course, the only weed i can easily identify and pull - I'm scared to pull anything else though it seems if it's ugly, appears to sharp points or fur that it's worth pulling. I will be cutting a few of them this morning after work as well, along with that accursed grass.

accursed grass - dang - never used to be - LOL -

Here comes the WSOP again - 2.5 weeks away - 50 events according to Pauly - motherless goat - with most of the NL's running 3 days - guess I should be glad there's other events in there although NL dominates the standings, it by no means dominates as some previous tournaments have done in the past with 100% NL coverage -

Reading one of his posts about TV hit the nail on the head for me - the televised beast makes for quick editing of everything but bluffs and all-in pots and it got old fast - High Stakes Poker generally seems boring because everyone's making the right folds 99% of the time (except Hellmuth and Matasow, of course) - but that's where you get to see the best play -

I spent most of last week watching season 2 of Battlestar Galactica - (Katee Sackhoff is the shit in that series) - and catching up on it - so little poker - but I should have some spare time next week and I intend to catch up on that Sunday Poker Blogger's game at FT that AlCan'tHang is pimping - since I have a $24 token and all I'm not using right now and it's as close to a fish pond as one can get - LOL

fruck - spinning my wheels again - making noise - no motion - stuck in Rush Hour - I need a big final table to break my funk.



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