Wednesday, February 01, 2006

three tabling .50/$1 Limit games - trying to chill - get my mojo back.

Here are my Top 5 Janurary Results for poker - ring games about even despite early gains, and the tourney numbers made a small rebound - not great, but it was sort of an off mid-month - I think a bit of focus and I can make Feb. better -
the important thing is that Jan. was a profitable month :) - and there was a lot of room for it to be unprofitable- I didn't win the 4th place prize and sit the whole month - I put that income out there as capital, and sure as hell, I got a slight return on my investment (27%, it turns out) - aye aye aye...

not the best month but not bad. - Great SNG results for the month.

I'd type more but pulled a neck muscle - gonna chill for a day or two - order delivery and sit in the recliner a bit - fraggen neck -



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