Tuesday, August 09, 2005

random thought of the morning -

just sat the preview for Lord of War - (a Nic Cage film where he's an 80's weapons dealer) -

it would appear that making a lot of money selling weapons is what enables him to bag Bridget Moynahan -

so while most guys if you got down to it probably wouldn't KILL someone to be with Bridget (or Jessica Alba, or Tom Cruise/Orlando Bloom for you ladies) - would you sell weapons to 3rd world Dictators if it gave you the ch-ching to do so?

where the FUCK does my mind come up with this stuff...LOL -

finished 15th in my tourney last night - my crucial hand was A10 vs Q8 - he turned an 8 and I went from playing to surviving - got thru another 10 opponents or so but I never recovered - and when I took 88 vs AQ, well, we know where that goes.

I'm implementing another new rule - no more rebuys till the BR replenishes - are the payouts great...yes - are the swings? - definately bigger - and can I justify it right now on a $70 BR - LOL - no


Major thunderstorms right now (that's what woke me up) - finally something to break the heat.



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