Sunday, August 07, 2005

surprisingly, it starts with a purple haze...(go Jimi) - well, not really -

it's a blue static - like a TV tuned to a station where there's no broadcast, but it's a deep blue...

you open your eyes - the view is still blue - the angles/shapes are unfamiliar - lines of darkness stretching over your head....

light seeps thru - static becomes less so, and the blue haze becomes white - the color of the ceiling - and then it hits me..

I have passed out - standing up, I fell backwards from the bathroom into the closet door, knocked it off the track, and it's leaning over me, the top stopped by the hallway wall opposite the door. There is another memory of falling forward and literally breaking the toilet, shattering it like glass, but this is a false one-

first thought - that musta made a lot of noise - I check to see the door's locked (it is) and I get my way to bed - too blurry eyed to read the clock.

I wonder what the names of my guardian angels are...I wonder who's kept me safe all these last few weeks/months/years - and I wonder if they're as tired as I am....



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