Monday, August 01, 2005

I just got done watching Celebrity Fit Club - that show brings tears to my eyes sometimes (yes, I'm a wuss....Astroglide called me Mr. Lilith Fair the other day...) - but since I'm a bit heavy myself and trying to drop a FEW pounds, it's cool to see these guys taking off 20 pounds in 40 days, busting their ass -

they got problems too - that Lead Singer from Warrant, Jani, has a major booze problem, and he was in the hospital for a bit - he's trying to turn it around - it manifests itself as food, but they're all trying to get their shit together (as the song goes) so that rocks - inspiring...

as for myself, I tried that new Coke Zero and while it ain't the ultimate in sugar free pop, it's pretty damned tolerable - and coming from mr picky, that's a hell of a compliment -

Beat Knights of the Old Republic II - that also was cool, but now I'm out of missions, which sucks royally....

I should clean this apt. today - but maybe tomorrow - LOL - today looks like it's a good day for walking... - EDIT - ah fuck's really damned hot and humid out - maybe I WILL clean today....LOL -



At 9:42 AM, Anonymous njchick said...

Try Pepsi One


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