Friday, July 22, 2005

greetings from the nutjob in the Big Apple -

I'm in an internet cafe on Bleeker St. - checking in, chilling out, AC is next - played a couple days in the private clubs in NYC and now it's casino time again -

Top 10 observations so far....

1. - Not like Law and Order - contrary to what were my first perceptions, almost no one has been killed/robbed/or anything in my presence - you get these stereotypes and that's one that was in my head - glad to see that's not true...awesome town. Walking down the street at 1am with a 1K bankroll isn't an issue. (of course, I'm not fanning myself with it or anything - LOL)

2. - downside stereotype, apt's in NYC aren't as big as Friends or Rounders (or if they are, they're 10K a month) - no way coffee shop girl is gonna be paying 5K a month for the nice 2 bedroom - LOL - of course, I have no idea what the owner pays Rachel, so who knows...

3. - Luv2DriveTT is right about one thing - a buffet of women - any style/dress/ethnicity - lovely everywhere...

4. - NL in NYC plays like on the internet...on Party Poker...

5. - I had no idea they put the garbage in front of the buildings...not too cool with that, but I understand it...but sometimes all I smell is the trash -

6. - It takes 24 hrs. to become familiar with the subway system - after that I'm telling people where their next stop is...Bus system is still a mystery though.

7. - When in the Museum of Natural History, go for the Northern Indians exhibit - dark, very well AC'd, and kids don't wanna see baskets/old clothes, so they stay away from it - great place for a rest

8. - Times Square reminds me of a Tokyo or Blade Runner scene -

9. - the Burger at the Corner Bistro is very good - ...and NJChick is a sweetheart who was way too good to me for my 24 hrs. I was here :) - (she told me the tip was 5 bucks for our meal, but I saw her sneak in the extra 10% on the CC slip as we left...yes, you did not sneak that by me...LOL)

10 - Bleeker St. (where this is being typed) - one of my first impressions is of the Simon/Garfunkel Album Wed. Morning 3AM where he sang a song about it (that was so bad in his opinion he never published words for it, I don't think, in his songbook) - as a kid, I drew a picture based on the song, and looked at maps of where this folk scene started - it's different now ($30 bucks will no LONGER ever come close to paying your rent) - a bit more upscale, but that's what happens to good things - even bought an album of modern folk artists covering old school folk artists who played here at that time - (album had the same name as the St.)

but to summarize, I'm glad I get to walk it today, even in the humidity......

allrighty....bathroom and walking time again - let's wrap this up with Paul's lyrics...what the hell...


on second thought....nevermind - just read them again - it ain't the same place, so no point in printing's definately better now then I would have expected in 1990 - mountains better -


allrighty.....let's try leaving a 2nd time - LOL



At 4:14 AM, Anonymous asia K said...

arent you baaaaaaaaaack yet???



At 9:27 AM, Anonymous njchick said...


The bill was a tad over $50 for dinner....I said $9 not $5....

There was just a $5 on the table and I didn't want to be a Pain in the Ass and ask you for more money...hence I slipped another $5 on the table.

You know me now...I usually tip 20% cause these people in NYC have to deal with alot of shitty customers and well....I always tip well...

So there you have it.


At 10:48 AM, Blogger whiskeytown said...

DOH..... - I thought you said 5 -

I think all that rock and roll must have killed my hearing - I keep using closed captioning and subtitles -

feel like shit today though....apparently Chicken fried rice goes bad after 9 hrs.


At 11:35 AM, Anonymous NJchick said...

Sorry to hear you didn't have a nice time in AC. I still think you would have more fun if you played in the 10/20 2-way game with me at the Taj.

You have to come back!


At 11:40 AM, Blogger whiskeytown said...

I should tell this story...

Decided to play some 2/4 Omaha H/L - (sometimes you just need a change) - I forgot the key of my hand - I think I was BB cause otherwise I'd lay these cards down, but the hand had a T8 and I flopped two pair and turned a full house T's full of 8's -

I have the nut high at that point, and it's me and two other guys - and there's some raising/reraising - I have no low, but I'm praying no card bigger then an 8 falls on the river so that I get half the pot

River 6 - I'm golden and we get 3 bets in on the river, and I'm just jumping, cause you know how in these spots, it's always the lows that split...

nope, one of the other guys had 10/8 as well - we split the HIGH and he took the low - cost me a stack and a half :) -

but in the end, for 2 hrs of play, I was down only 2 dollars - I know a BIT how to play - more then the dealers - one guy just couldn't read lows....jesus.



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