Sunday, July 17, 2005

did some searching on Google (as I often do, googling for ex-girlfriends, ex classmates, info on Lap Dulcimers and strippers/escorts) and it appears that Whiskeytown is famous in the poker blogger community for two reasons.

1. - for having a t-shirt that says "Creed Sucks" - (which is now unavailable, btw - motherfuckers discontinued it)
2. - for showing up an hr late to the WPBT, playing 3 hands, busting out, and leaving - LOL

I should just change my nic. to whiskey - no one ever calls me whiskeytown online - just whiskey...someday Ryan Adams is gonna come kick my ass for borrowing his band name for an online poker handle.

not much poker content right now - not a lot left in me pokerwise - I have about $117 in Doyle's room - $622 in withdrawls that left Games Grid fast but slowed down getting to Neteller - I'd like to play Charlie's tourney tonight - maybe - we'll see -

Going back to one of those previous posts, yah - poker has gotten sadly uninteresting recently - I'm hoping a shot in the arm at all these new rooms will help get me back in the game - we'll see - someone said all my boredom isn't boredom, it's depression - fuck....not that shit again - I'd rather have herpes or some other non-lethal yet embarassingly humiliting crotch rot. - Well, we'll see how it goes - after today, no work for 10 days, BABEEEEEEEE - (better return my netflix while I'm at it) - if that don't cure depression, nothing will -

crap - I leave at 7:30am for NYC - that means I'll want to be going at 4:30am to the bus to get there by 5:45 and do the airport security thing - damn.. -

gonna keep it sparse - cellphone, dig. camera - some clothes, and books - no DVD player - I'll have to carry that damn thing around NYC on Fri. so not too heavy or easy to shoplift.

I'm still conflicted on the bankroll thingy - LOL - Steve wants me to bring 2K and to play 10/20 - me, I'm a bigger fan of 1/2 NL. 10/20 is the highest limit I'll have ever played - (though I've thrown bigger bets in a NL game) - so I'm feeling shakey on it - but I'll tough it out - after this little shennigans, I need to rebuild the BR from ground zero - wipe out losses - play lots of $11 SNG's and rape the mother loving bastards who can't play poker -

you know....that reminds me - I remember a royal flush recently - I wonder if that really happened - LOL - either I did it really drunk or I was dreaming - It feels more like a dream, to be honest... - seems to me a Royal Flush would stick thru the haze of whiskey, whereas in a dream, they're worse then blacking out - passing glances of dust devils - but it doesn't mean I haven't been drunk lately either. It just

nothing good ever happens to me in dreams - I never have sex, for one - about the only good thing that happens is I seem to cheat death a lot - I am up high a lot - I fall a lot - and after some heavy sessions, I tend to have bad poker dreams, like where we're playing poker on the craps table - LOL -

motherloving motherfuckers...

let's end this with some cool lyrics to a great song - Mark Kozalek's Glenn Tipton (from the Sun Kil Moon album Ghosts of the Great Highway)


Cassius Clay was hated more than Sonny Liston
Some like KK Downing more than Glenn Tipton
Some like Jim Nabors, some Bobby Vinton
I like ‘em all

I put my feet up on the coffee table
I stay up late watching cable
I like old movies with Clark Gable
Just like my dad does

Just like my dad did when he was home
Staying up late, staying up alone
Just like my dad did when he was thinking
Oh, how fast the years fly

I know an old woman ran a doughnut shop
She worked late serving cops
But then one morning, baby, her heart stopped
Place ain’t the same no more

Place ain’t the same no more
Not without my friend, Eleanor
Place ain’t the same no more
Man, how things change

I buried my first victim when I was nineteen
Went through her bedroom and the pockets of her jeans
And found her letters that said so many things
That really hurt me bad

I never breathed her name again
But I liked to dream about what could have been
I never heard her calls again
But I like to dream


At 4:48 PM, Anonymous asia K said...

but did you find new pics of old girlfriends looking worse for when you wore them? then it gets to be worth it :)

have fun in nyc, dont play scared and dont rely too heavily on offthecuff diagnoses from 00tiots either :)


At 9:16 PM, Blogger whiskeytown said...


in fact, I think I take ten yrs. of age off all my ex's and take it on myself -

date me - get 10 years younger while WT gets 10 years older - LOL




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