Monday, July 11, 2005

Ok....that was a drunk post with a great point, but nevertheless, lost in waves of whiskey (and whiskeytown) -

let me try again -

Ever get the feeling that there's folks that go to heaven, and those that go to hell, but some of us slip in thru loopholes without really doing anything?

I can see God going to everyone like in that Mindy Smith song - "Here you go - during all those trials/tribulations, here's why you went thru it - here's the point to all that sorrow and sadness -

but I can see him coming to me and saying "well, Russ, you love my son, and you love God, so I'll let this crap on the books all go, but as far as children go, you've been a sorry fucking disappointment, bro - all that shit you went thru wasn't to build strength or perservance, it was, well, cause I just don't like you much....way to slip thru the cracks, asshole"

that's the speech awaiting me in you can see why I'm in such a hurry to get there....LOL -



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