Thursday, July 07, 2005

I'm all messed up -

for some reason, I thought the Main Event would begin on the 14th, and end sometime during my trip to NYC - or maybe I scheduled my trip to NYC to miss it - but in any case, it's starting tomorrow -

Gavin has been absolutely dudsville on our investment (sorry bro - it's the truth) - so I'm not counting on him here - I guess it was $450 down the drain - ah well - I fared better then those who put $900 on him -

so to ye who are about to duel tomorrow, we salute you - kick ass....sort of. it'll be cool to see the best of 6600 when it's all done -

I am in mega super shape for this week and the next - I've ordered Barry Greenstein's new book, the Nolan Dalla bio of Stuey, and the Suicide King's book (about Andy Beal vs. the Corporation) - now all I need is a barstool and a nice quiet spot to read while sipping whiskey.



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