Monday, July 04, 2005

regarding the Counting Crows....

great band - first 3 albums were the bomb - 4th one blew vomit chunks - and not the watery kind from drinking too much - I'm talking that full blown food poisoning heaving -

but a funny story - yrs ago I was between jobs and getting stuff at Cheapo records when a girl was asking the staff something about that album - (the track from Cruel Intentions is on there, and she didn't know if it was or not) - so I volunteered that bit of info and she went on her way - sorta cool that I had that sort of knowledge and the record store didn't - LOL (they didn't hire me either, which is fine )

so anyways, I get bored last night and do the 3am Canterbury run again - sit down and play up the drunk player (well, I was, slightly) - and I sit next to this one cute girl and her boyfriend (who won a seat to the WSOP ME thru Paradise) - and I'm alternating between having fun and ragging on them (he says she needs to go home and pack for him, I say she only has to pack for one day - stuff like that....LOL) -

anyways, I sing that one line "There's a piece of Maria in every song that I sing" and she recognized it right away....which impressed the hell out of me - (Maria being that girl from the first track on the first album, Round Here) -

so that was cool, and of course, the lyrics are awesome - (If dreams are like movies, then memories are films about ghosts) - nice girl - too bad her guy can't play poker - LOL -

there was another woman there too - mid 30's, I'd guess - fairly attractive - interesting - cause she had a very obvious belly button piercing, and I would have not put a woman in her mid 30's on one of those - tight stomach - she hardly ever played a pot but she knew what she was doing, but a bit of a bitch - complained when a guy called three bets cold preflop with KK - LOL

a guy in seat 9 with sunglasses - I got to use my new line on him when he beat my trip 3's to 7's full of 3's - I said I knew he had a good hand cause his seeing-eye dog licks his balls when he gets a good hand -

but in the end, I was just too damn bored and the table was getting too wise to me, so I ended up $129 dollars and headed for the door - nice couple hrs of work.

suffice it to say, the nation and our country is in shitty shape - but Happy 4th of July anyways....



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