Saturday, July 02, 2005

I'm not thrilled with the last few posts - I hate snippit posts - I need uberposts - No one ever remembers a short film or short story - LOL -

I'm going drunk and mad with power - I am in charge tonight at work - Anyone who needs absolute power to be corrupted absolutely isn't trying hard enough to work with what he's go - I only need a little bit to be corrupted almost just as much - LOL

Poker stuff...

Ok, first off, I posted this on 2+2 - regarding the Razz Event at the WSOP - as reported by the most famous WSOP writer ever, Pauly, on

Jen Creason ran into a little bad luck when action was down to two tables. She was issued a ten minute penalty for use of profanity at the table. She was all in with the worst hand and dropped the dreaded "F-bomb." She caught a lucky card on the river to beat her opponent.

After he lost the hand, he asked for a penalty to be called on Jen. Unfortunately for her, the ruling was held up by a floor manager. She lost most of her stack due to antes while waiting out her penalty and ended up in 15th place. After a short break, she was back to work in media row providing chip counts and updates of the Razz event.

Ok, first, the rule against the work fuck is garbage - If someone's constantly being berating and abusive, fine - but to let the word fuck slip out from under your breath when you're behind in a hand and THEN to have someone call you on it AFTER you've won,

that man is a pussy - plain and simple - boo hoo - words can hurt me?

I don't know what pisses me off worse - that he's so spineless that it bugged him, or the more likely case that he did it out of spite cause he lost the hand, which just makes him an angle player and therefore, both a prick and a pussy (equal opportunity here, folks) -

Two days after Johnny Chan wins his 10th bracelet (pulling into the lead of a contest that has been tied between him, Phil, and Doyle for a couple yrs, ) Doyle does the same thing - yah baby -

I'm down to -900 dollars in the spreadsheet - three 1/2 NL sessions in a row, each netting from 75-150 dollars in an hr. have put me at the forefront of asskicking again - my limit games were pretty goddamn sad though.. I've got an excel spreadsheet of SSH's hand rankings I'm going to keep by my desk and not deviate from for a week or two - I've gotten too loose with these damn suited connectors -


Onto the non-poker stuff - I've become entranced by this waste of time. No point to it - just drag her off if she gets stuck -


The Profile icon has changed - there's a reason for it - I almost got a pirate hat and wore that around the cities as well, but the cops will be out in force this weekend trying to pull drunk drivers over, and nothing says drunk driver like a pirate hat - LOL - instead of doing the 10pm-12am at one bar and the 12-2am at another bar, maybe I'll just walk and leave an hr earlier - not worth getting nailed - One thing I DON'T want to try once, esp. now that they've finally dropped the DUI limit to .08 - sheeeit - I get .08 from Listerine mouthwash in the morning.


To celebrate my newfound riches, (and the beginning of the month paycheck) - I went on a buying spree on Amazon -

Son Volt - A Retrospective: 1995-2000 (CD)
Drive By Truckers - Dirty South - Live at the 40 Watt (DVD)
Son Volt - Live from Austin, TX (CD)
Sun Kil Moon - Ghosts of the Great Highway (CD)
HL Mencken - Mencken Chrestomathy (book)
Jay Farrar - Stone, Steel & Bright Lights (Live CD)

A lot of Jay Farrar in there (he's also the frontman for Son Volt and was one of the two for Uncle Tupelo, the other being Jeff Tweedy of Wilco) - I just think Farrar hit something more accessible to me - I want all this stuff and I want it now - (there's that deferred rewards shit creaping up on me again) -


Patterson Hood is coming to the 400 Bar on Sun. - debating going - it'll be packed the day before the 4th, I think, or maybe not - Maybe I'll just go and let there be rock.


Lindsey Lohan is in town shooting a movie - saw a shot of her on Late Night and she appears to have grown her breasts back a tiny back - man, I miss the fake Lindsey with the red hair and the curves...ah well - if it ain't malnutrition, it ain't hollywood


I have the desire to blow something up - get some M-80's, drop them under a coffee can, and just watch that mo-fo shread it - good stuff - maybe later -

combine that with the desire to reduce the world's population by about one half, and you have all the makings of a disaster in the works - LOL - seriously, we're too soft - losing 3 billion would be a big, big help to the world. Mother Nature is gonna be a bitch when she gets her payback....but she'll have the right to be..


All righty - that is all - I expect this every night this week to be a night of earning $100 snippets for an hr. of poker, 4 hrs of Star Wars/Knights of the Old Republic, 4 hrs of drinking, and 4 hrs of doing something that's just a waste of time - :D -

let's wrap this up with some awesome Jay Farrar/Son Volt lyrics

Medicine Hat - Jay Farrar

there will be droughts and days
inundated unveilings free from saturation
departures raised with no masquerading
there will be teachers that die by their own hand
pundits that push headlong for atonement
friends and followers devoted to living
there will be watchers that ply for new confines
and those committed to society's circles
unwary cogs with no cadence of virtue

there will be right
there will be wrong
drop of a hat and it's already started
just like that and the deed is done
what i'd give now for that hat to be medicine
the time is now to be on the run

there will be machinations unforeseen
sleepwalking sense from a bad dream
no promenade walk in the parkway
there will be catchwords filled with infection
circulars to prop up occasion
no golden mean to guide the footsteps
there will be levels on high hills that appraise
there will be unchanging certainties
barometers that follow the stampede

there will be right
there will be wrong
drop of a hat and it's already started
just like that and the deed is done
what i'd give for that hat to be medicine
the time is now to be on the run

there will be signposts of indication
semaphore go signs and warnings
hailstone halos and country blues wailings
there will be strains that break out of straight time
that pave with grace different roads to the same place
no consequence to repay what has been given
there will be layers of means to an end
drawn out days before resolution
dregs will rain down from all directions

there will be right
there will be wrong
drop of a hat and it's already started
just like that and the deed is done
what i'd give for that hat to be medicine
the time is now to be on the run



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