Sunday, July 10, 2005

while we're on the subject of terrible ideas....

Canterbury Park has the $440 tourney today - 40 min rounds - 4K in chips - blinds start at 25/50

I never have had a ton of luck in this thing - got snapped off with one table to go once - wasn't much fun - but I've got $440 in the live bankroll, and I've been having so much fun reading about the damned thing in Vegas that I want to play it -

so I think I will - of course, that's at the end of a 12 hr. work shift, but it's light - I slept till 6:30pm, so I SHOULD be good from 11am till the end of the clock - christ I made the Imperial Palace one on 36 hrs awake and a whiskey bender, I can sure do this one -



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