Friday, July 08, 2005

things got real quiet tonight - I can write a post -

ol sicko with the shit eating grin is back in the profiles on 2+2 and here - I had Captain Jack up there for a couple weeks - it goes back to that H.L. Menecken quote.

I once wrote that there comes a point in everyone's life where things get to such a state and such a frame of mind that cutting off one's ear and giving it to a prostitute seems like the only rational response that makes any sense to this world. -

Johnny Cash didn't go that far, but he wore black. Townes Van Zandt drank his demons away - Neil cranked the amp up to 12 and turned his into goddamn walls of noise and sound...

me, I changed my icon to a pirate flag - I wanted to slit some throats - I refrained because my only friend in the world is a crack dealer and you do NOT want to kill your crack dealer because those things are damn hard to replace (but surprisingly easy to take over their business should you do so) - bartenders are a dime a dozen, however - there may be a few less in the weeks to come around town.

Anyways, I won't get into all that - I think the breaking point was reading Republicans actually fucking DEFEND Joseph McCarthy and his goddamn witch hunts - Jesus - Ann Coultier calls him a hero - who's her idol, fucking Adolf?

Anyways...enough of that - I am gonna go buy a cheapo $150 digital camera for NYC - (two weeks, baby) - I've loved photographs and photography, to be honest - should have picked it up as a hobby, but I hate developing film (i.e. running to the damned store and developing it) - no fun for me - digital will finish that off for me, and if I become addicted, then I get the $700 camera - what beautiful girl doesn't want to be's an in, babyeee....

I'll be over in Jersey City - right next to the rail line into Manhattan - I'll spend a couple days there crusing the big apple - hit a private game, hit a private club a friend heard is open again (and shall remain nameless here so none of the fucking narcs can shut it down) - and two days in Atlantic City - take the 7am bus back and catch that 1:45 plane - take a week vacation.

There is one downside (writing to you here, Asia K) - I've got to withdraw all online bankrolls for this trip - Steve seems to think I better be ready with 2K for the 10/20 games - I'm not normally playing that high - I can always redeposit it, but I feel bad - I put money into Games Grid for 10 days and then I pull it again, as well as $200 in Doyles - that plus the Vegas BR will get me close to 2K - then just a stop at the ATM and I'm done.

So no fears - I'll probably be back - I have to clear that bonus, remember? - but right now, I need tournaments again when I get done I'll probably reinvest a bit of it into Pokerstars/Full Tilt again. But I withdraw today and it takes 3-5 to clear neteller and 3-5 to get into the account - so it's gotta be done.

something potentially exciting may happen...but I can't post it here yet - hell, it ain't even that exciting - just different - but it would also involve about 20,000 dollars - that's just sweet - LOL- so we'll see.

Some big names out in day 1 of the WSOP - a few I would have liked to see win - No sign of Gavin yet - wonder if he skipped out with the money....LOL - I see Grannymae's investors died when a guy slowplayed his AA right into her QQ - that's a kick in the granny balls (whatever granny balls are) -

wow...almost time to go home - two nights to go - One nice thing about this job - wonderful vacation benefits - I'm close to 6 weeks when it all adds up - gotta work some holidays, but those are usually quieter then anything - so who cares - free money....

I'm about to take my 3rd of 6 weeks of vacation - and it's in New York City - if I can make it there, baby I'll make it anywhere...

(ah fuck it, why would I want to make it there when i've already made it here....LOL)



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