Sunday, July 10, 2005

ah....ok - I PROBABLY shouldn't have done that - LOL

played ultra tight the first 90 min - picked up a pot, lost a pot - stayed even at 4K

One guy (Joe) goes on a mega run - AA 3 times, each time with another opponent all in, each time he turns trips - he got QQ - he was playing one guy in seat 3 - flop comes AKQ - Joe check-raises all in, and the kid shows an A and lays it down and Joe shows J10 - Mega run - I expect to see he won, to be honest...

So I'm doing my Harrington grinding shit, and I get one hand near the end of our 100/200 blinds before the break - QQ - I KNOW if I raise to 700, and the short stack that just came to our table has ANY kind of a hand, he'll go all in for 1600 - (he did it the moment he sat down) - I also know I'll be ahead when he does - He does and I do and he turns over A10

I don't need to go on, do I? - I was right about all my reads, but I can't read what the flop will bring - shit happens -

so I have 1200 left, and we're getting close to the break - and I make a decision - I'll go all in before the break if I get anything decent - I don't want to sit thru a 10 min break and end up with 3 times the BB in two hands - I get J10 offsuit, and this is actually decent (even a slight fav. to small pocket pairs) - I get called by one guy in the BB with A9

Flop comes AAJ - turn gives the case A - I lose to quads -

I should have known better - when you're having a shit day at work, you'll have a shit day at the table and God shit on me a lot last night - ah well - time to go out and get drunk -

well, right after this one tournament I'm playing - LOL - ADDICT!!!!!!!!



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