Saturday, August 06, 2005

so, as we stated, today's addiction is Townes van Zandt -

Townes' web page is - his lyrics and songs are all over 70's and 80's country radio -

his most famous hit, Poncho and Lefty, was covered by a lot of folks, and makes an appearance on the Emmylou Harris greatest hits album that was just released...

He's got a documentary coming out this winter - a book this fall on his life - one of the greatest unknown poets of our lifetime - makes anything I or any two bit internet hacks would write look like a baby's scribble....

but as I'm singing his praises, for some reason...I feel like printing out how he died - this is from his widow, Jeanene, on a now defunct TVZ webpage - these are the words from his widow

and here is a link to that defunct webpage on - a very very cool resource for lost web pages.

and here is Steve Earle talking about Townes for a songwriters class

so do yourself a favor - find the man and his music - the early stuff (before alcohol destroyed him) - find it and breathe and cry and smile.



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