Monday, August 08, 2005

there's a thousand reasons I shouldn't be posting anymore tonight - exhaustion (though not so much I can sleep) - overkill (4 or 5 posts in 24 hrs...jesus) - I wish I was this prolific in writing songs -

had a very cool, very positive comment today - someone else was looking for Kate Rusby lyrics to "Let the Cold Wind Blow" and I think I typed them out from the lyric sheet - and she was looking for them so she sent me a nice comment thanking me for putting them on the blog, cause I don't know if they're available anywhere on the internet.

three tourneys, three losses - 2 of the 3 were lost with the better hand preflop - so I can't bitch - I'm making the right choices - but the cards weren't there today...had an excellent shot at the limit rebuy but it didn't come in - had I gambled/raised with 33 when I was down to 6 times the BB I'd have flopped trips, but what can ya do...

ah well - I should probably just throw on a movie and fall asleep in the recliner again - I'm 24 hrs sober - so I can sleep when it comes, but it's not coming right now - truth is, for all I bitch on the graveyard shift (actually, I rarely do) - it is the perfect schedule for me - sleeping all day, staying up all night - good for me...

I've been seeing this KY jelly commercial on VH1 - incredibly hot woman reading the label, and then her husband puts the book down - boy...if I was married to that girl, I doubt I'd even leave the bed ever again - LOL -

That video for the Killers "All these things I've done" is nailing me - for starters, the riff is very similar to a Big Country riff so I like that - but the song just takes 3 or 4 different turns and comes out awesome - the video with 4 girls busting out of their tops doesn't hurt either (filmed in Vegas - my attraction for that city grows and grows) - so they probably used Vegas dancing girls - LOL -

if you can hold on, hold on - - I like that intro - very cool -

I should go outside - nice and cool - sit on my porch - it's enclosed so I can do it in my underwear if I want - LOL -

I wonder if Tara was right - I wonder if I drink to slow down so I can relate to everyone else - I'm not sure about that - I do feel disconnected when I'm not drinking around poeple, but I've always felt that way - and always felt it before hand - it's funny, I've had days/nights where I drank and when I was coming down, I was crying,

but memories get erased and I forget how often I used to do that living alone in Brooklyn Park or before my first love - I forget how it's always wrapped around me - and I have to be ready for it, cause if I never take another drink, that baggage, that shit is still there...

I MUST be bi-polar - the word I'm getting from guys like TT and those who have read the blog is that I'm a completely different person online then I am live - very odd - but then it's these 4 am rantings that drag the blog into depression ville - LOL - maybe I should just not post anymore at nights - LOL- -

it's not night - it's almost 5am -



At 12:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

.. hot damn, man... I saw that commercial last night too... and she's now doing adverts for blenders!.. smoking hot, she is...

Happy New Year,

Eric of Straightwhiteguy


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