Thursday, December 16, 2010

I have made one of those radical adjustments to play that will probably cost me long term but may (at least today) pay off short term

I have made a LOT of my bets/raises/calls lately based on my Pokertracker HUD display for my stats - I know I should be seeing between x and y number of hands, and I know I shouldn't be so passive pre/flop and my AF should be higher

But you know what - fuck that - I am tired of playing to stats and worse yet, I'm tired of losing as a result - I feel like I'm a slave to the 2+2 whore of maximum EV - and instead of playing cautious when I want, I'm bet, bet, bet cause they won't fold and I need to maximize value - I also spew chips like a drunk college student.

decided today to not give a flying f@##$ about what MY stats say and it's paid off with a $20 win multitabling over 4 tables at .25/.50 - I WILL get better at this game, and right now, since betting isn't scaring anyone away, I'm going to go back to what feels like my base game - Passive Weak-Tight :D



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