Wednesday, December 08, 2010

.... - The latest gossip is that the Tax Cut Bill that Obama is trying to push thru will likely have an addition by Harry Reid that will put steps in to legalize Internet Poker

What's the catch? - a 15 month blackout for US players

I've been trying to wrap my brains around this - On one hand, we're talking adding legitimacy to the back alley that has been in legal limbo for years - we no doubt will kill the games for 15 months - and hopefully the two biggest sites have prepared for this and saved some reserves.

And as someone else pointed out, you don't do this, what could happen to Inet poker in the future could be a lot worse.

And yet with Harry Reid pushing it and Nevada no doubt getting a ton of benefit from a 15 month freeze, one has to wonder how much MGM/Harrah's has staked on this...

Personally the whole tax cuts thing disgusts me anyways - let them expire for everyone if this damn deficit is so horrible like they say - and tax online revenues - fine - but a 15 month freeze (minimum) is IMHO a game killer -

but maybe everyone will be fine waiting 15 months - I don't know - I'll be down about it but there's always the live stuff, I guess



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