Friday, June 25, 2010

well, operation bankroll has reached 10K hands and the results after an initial spike and decline are starting to look up again

can't get too technical today, but I've won approx 130BB since I bought pokertracker - add another 20 from before that and the $10 bonus and I'm almost up 200BB, which is 100 shy of my next bankroll jump (up to .50/1) -

I stagnated badly at the 5 k mark - went about 3k hands and reanalyzed my stats at the beginning of this month - I was shocked to find hands like ATs and ATo were losers for me and realized I clearly was playing too loose, probably in EP but probably also to raises - I still have to focus on my unsuited large connectors - (QJ, JT) as they are still losing hands but my new resolve to tightness, position, and starting selection really paid off as I've jumped up to 3.35BB/100 hands, which is a hell of a streak - it can't last of course - but I think I've been able to turn a slight corner, which is good - all that self-analysis I gave to chess has started to pay fast dividends

and NOW, of course I'm embroiled in a last minute dash for STEPS on Full Tilt - made step 4 and pushed one tourney to get another step 4 ticket - I am thinking probably over the holiday will be my last chance to get one of those tickets, and of course, if I do, I have to go to Vegas and cancel the Girlfriend's vacation, but maybe I can pay for something nicer later -

but like I said earlier, I'll just piss it all away on AJo sooner or later anyways - nearly did it with AQo the last STEPS tourney - :)

Nice to see some dilligence pay off though



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