Thursday, February 25, 2010

bankroll up to $230 - by all indications, I'm halfway to moving up in the limit - (I honestly can't remember if I started at $150 or $160 but at this point I'm going to assume better results are forthcoming anyways at this limit)

some interesting stats - PFR is 5.72 and a VPIP is about 17.42 - I think both could stand to go up 3 percentage points....

aggression factor way down (.83) - want that around 1.0 or above at least

of the hands I've played $22 has been won solely on AA with some nice dings too that dropped $10 pots so I'm still way ahead there - AKs not so hot with only 5 hands but AKo is doing fine so I won't worry

played 2322 hands (since I bought PT) - guessing there's another 700 there I missed when I didn't have the new hand history options enabled

made a third of the way to Bronze star status on Pokerstars - no way that goes over until I move up a limit though ;)

I've played 20 hrs total since buying PT - this is important cause I anticipate this going down when summer comes - just sayin'

think I'm going to hit 2+2 and see if I can find some equal mentoring/sweating



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