Monday, February 15, 2010

you know it's getting serious when you pay for the new pokertracker - my old install of PT2 was long hosed anyways, so off to PT3 - I've made about $55 towards bankroll level of $300 - ($95 more to go) - tonight I started 4-tabling again to moderate success

Tried the new HUD - HATED THAT S#$% - I 4 table a tiled game and alter my seating so that all 4 are in the tight cluster and HUD doesn't follow. Too much clutter and at my level, virtually no one is going to be dangerous enough to be a problem...I DID like it telling what folks had at the end when it puts up the hands both players had - I can do that on the replay, but it's quick and easy

my total aggression factor is still above 1 but dropping (was 1.22 after one tabling and now down to 1.1 or so 500 hands on) - MUST raise more then call - must bet more then call - must muck the raisers except KQs and AQ/AJ suited - typical stuff.

No idea how I'd do in a real fight but at the .25/.50 limits I'd say as long as I have enough tables to keep me from getting bored and websurfing I'm able to bring 5-10BB's per 100 hands - a little better at one table I might add - I might move from one to two to four as I feel more comfortable with a limit

I got this poker song I am working on (virtually done) where I say "I've spent all my pennies, the nickels and dimes, but the quarters I save for the telephone line" - I kept telling myself after the bad beats - it's just nickels and dimes, man - nickels and dimes -

I killed the chat and extra Pokerstars graphics to keep it pure and undistracting - looked for average tables, not the ones with the biggest pots, and played tight till it got two-three handed and then I made some moves

Good times, great oldies - to the gig tonight - rock and roll



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