Monday, February 23, 2009

it's 445AM and zero degrees outside - it was colder inside at the card table. Dropped my 30BB and about 5 more waiting for chicken strips that never got put in as an order.

Saw my KK get capped preflop and lose to guys who called and flopped an open-ender. AK and AQ never hit - just cold. It was one of those games with dumbasses who straddle your blind every time and raise with 10/3 offsuit.

Normally I can still sit tight and get cards on a game like that but another seat was hotter then heck and collared up twice off their poor play. My only comfort is seeing them buy in for a 2nd rack, go busto, and know at least I lost less then they did off their horrendous play. But I think they're rich kids with no jobs going to Miami in a few days, so maybe I got the bad beat after all.

Bankroll has dropped to 1405 - we'll give it a couple days and maybe go back Wed. night



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