Monday, September 29, 2008

No new poker games this week - maybe I'll get a couple in - for some reason my pokerdb isn't pulling pokerstars games - weird. I probably missed an update somewhere.

I'm in danger of becoming completely compartmentalized. I maintain two or three circles that are probably totally unaware of the existence of the other - I maintain a church circle, a music circle, a poker circle, a chess circle, a work circle, and potentially, a woman circle -

They have all been safe and compartmentalized for some time now but the dreaded Facebook is tearing down all boundaries. (That and people googling me) - I've run into some folks I never thought I'd run into again- (some pleasantly) - but eventually someone from Church is gonna wonder why I sang "Goddamn" and a song about stealing a Pastor's car all while this blog and it's tribute to excess continues to thrive and exist - LOL -

Should all these things occupy the same space at the same time we'll see something similar to what happens when you put instant coffee into a microwave oven - instant annihilation.

I have to be a real asshole today - I have a birdnest constructed under my air conditioner in the upstairs 2nd floor window. I am concerned that when I pull the A/C I will find lots of bird crap and eggshells on the ledge where they have set up residence, but mostly I'm bummed I have to displace them, but I can't leave that AC in the window, and I have no guarantee that they'll migrate for winter. I DO know if they stay it'll be a heck of a lot easier if I move them now (fall) then after the 3rd snow or something - then it'll be terrible - maybe I'll go buy a birdhouse and find a place to stash it before tearing the old one out.

shoot - I can't bear to do it - maybe next week.



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