Monday, February 11, 2008

I shit you not - I was to be in Vegas tonight and for the next two days.

Booked trip two weeks ago - just sort of a 3 day vacation from the bitter cold of MN - it was -14 when I got on the light rail to go to the airport - got there, got thru, had my usual overpriced BK breakfast in the food court, and off to the gate.

Not boarding right away - a front baggage latch is frozen in a half state, so it's not secure for opening or closing - there will be a slight delay.

2.5 hrs later, the agent is telling us to get in line for rerouting - they don't have confidence in that aircraft - (no shit!) - so I get in line, and I'm told I can go to Houston and on to Vegas and arrive approx. 8 hrs later.

I thought about it for 30 min...losing a day in the sun, going to Houston, and although my final schedule would only have me 8 hrs late, between my not sleeping (was at work) and everything else, I decided to cancel, get refunds for the tkt and hotel, and come home - where I slept 13 hrs straight.

another time - now I'm back on a friggen chess board - :)



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