Monday, January 14, 2008

played in two poker tourneys in the last 24 hrs - in one I took 36th and made 1.5 times my buyin back - in the 2nd I froze with QQ - 100 players to go, I raise with QQ and he repops 3 times what I raised.

I know to push here with 20xbb but decide to see a flop - it comes with an AK, I fold and he shows JJ - I froze and he knows I froze - utterly pathetic - I've been beating the dead horse so long I've got maggots flying up into my teeth -

I have applied for new jobs in other departments of my place of employment - I've heard potential employers will google you now, look for signs of you online - they'll find a myspace page with 1000 views and 4 lousy tunes - try taking that job from me now - HA.

I had two flashbacks of rumplemintz in the last week - very odd, like I'll catch a whiff of that nasty ass peppermint schnopps and I'll just feel it rush to me, the taste and thrill of trying to hold a chilled one down - I stopped drinking it due to a nasty near trip to detox I almost took with some workmates about 5 years ago and an urge to vomit at the bar.

I need an adventure.



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