Tuesday, January 29, 2008

In the past I played the Pokerstars $10+1 at 2am - lately Full Tilt has been putting one on and I've been playing that one instead. One could safely point out that it's because I have dough at FT and not Pokerstars right now, but Pokerstars was regularly getting 550-600 players for that one and Full Tilt has been consistently around 116-117. Field size is important to me - decreases the chances of some doughhead going on an unsurmountable rampage that I can't top at the final table. It also reduces the difficulty factor of making a final table by a factor of 5.

I also like the Final Table design at FT - cameras and spectators - LOL.

Last week I almost made the money and with 3 players to go I lost with AA vs AK unsooted - I was a 93% fav. and was still ahead post flop with a QJx flop and no flush draws - nevertheless that motherloving 10 came on the turn - end of story. Same thing a bit earlier in the tournament a day ago - AA vs QJ suited and flop gave him two pair.

After that you stop waiting for the good hands - you take the coin flips and hope, knowing even the best hand can die no time post flop.

took 3rd tonight - and with the cards I got I should have taken 30th - :) - I picked up some good timing and when I lost a flop I had chips to spare and most times I didn't see opposition due to my T/A play preflop - (post flop I'm as passive as a monk) -

so I may actually start this month off on a 70% ROI after 14 tourneys/SNG's - not a bad way to start the year.



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