Monday, June 21, 2010

hmmm...two weeks to the main event - no chance to even get the time off and yet here I am playing in Full Tilt's STEPS tournaments - mostly cause I'm all off sleepwise this week, but also because, dang it - it's $1 for the first one - LOL

Step 0 - 99 players in a turbo event with 300 chips - hardest part is not losing your cool waiting for the stallers to call - ay carumba -

30 get paid - I'm like 10th out of 34 - guess I should probably fold AT suited in EP on a near full table :(

I have a gift though for getting to the top 30% - I can do it almost every time in a tourney with a 20% payout - but I've had some good SNG success what the hell'

and there's the money - one $3.30 Step 1 ticket - uh...woot? - LOL



At 9:41 AM, OpenID njchick said...

Hope u are not tilting in a F*** $1STEP tournament :)

At 10:46 AM, Blogger whiskeytown said...

made it up to step 3 but once I looked at the schedule, I think I'd be doomed to failure anyways cause I couldn't get time off from work to do it - wonder if I can do anything with a step 3 tkt after the main event starts...

of course this is all academic - I'm bound to piss it away on AJ offsuit somewhere soon :D


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