Tuesday, April 13, 2010

not a lot of luck on the poker front right now - BUT - chess front is going ok...

watching "Bright Lights, Big City" - a movie famous for it's portrayal of drug usage and decadence. Michael J. Fox doing his young acting thing. What's inneresting to me is the portrayal of the literary life in New York in the 80's - to imagine a research office full of encyclopedias, phones ringing, and the solid foundation of terra firma paper almost seems alien to us now.

A time when bookstores were made out of wood and discriminatory instead of box stores built online - a time when Apartments in Manhattan were moderately affordable and even then the old-timers were raving about the old days when writers really ran with the bulls, right.

back when one's writing was a fingerprint - an identifiable trademark - a legacy and not something that could vanish with the crash of a server. Something that could be held in the hand. I half wonder of the next generation of e-readers which try so hard to mimic paper aren't representative of our longing for this time.

I'd have been SO screwed without spellcheck though - without the squiggly red line in my typing, I'd be beyond hosed in the real world



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