Monday, June 28, 2010

well, the STEPS dream is dead - long live the WSOP - what is it I say every year....hmmm - oh yah, I remember - next year ;) - I consoled myself with multitabling 4 MTT micros, three of which are in the toilet and one of which is down to the last 30% where I am firmly squashed into the bottom 3rd of that - LOL

the ringgame bank roll is (as of this moment) at 200BB of the 300 I need to move up - I've won 66% (well, more like 60% and a quick bonus) - so dat's cool

I've been watching "The Pokerstars Big Game" on TV around here - some observations...

1. - the format (150 hands with an amateur who only keeps the profit of his $100K) lends itself to some ok play the first 2 or 3 nights but some wild gambling on Friday night when the amateur needs to double up or have no profit

2. - This is a SPONSORED program - that's the disclaimer on the start of it from my TV station, like an infomercial - inneresting. But it's not fulla Pokerstars pimping - they must give it local commercial time as part of the deal - PS could also be making the commercials part of the program, I guess, and offering a flat rate to the station - would be interesting since I've not seen that on a poker show in a broadcast market

3. - In this market, it's on the hr before "Poker After Dark"

4. - as a whole, televised poker has no interest for me, and certainly not WSOP poker with a hundred loose cannons, but the shows dedicated to the pros, and especially the shows that give some freedom to table talk, can be massively entertaining, though some of us have probably heard some of Doyle's stories 2 or 3 times now - LOL

5. - when you show LOTS of hands, it becomes obvious the bluff-fest you often see in WSOP shows where one hr coves the whole day is not the norm amongst these guys

anyways...I'll finish this game, take a show and maybe play some Civ 4 - up almost 9 bucks on my .25/.50 game - scheweeet


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