Sunday, February 05, 2006

man, I will say this. I have periods of drought - I'm unable to follow up a big win with another one right away - yeesh. I gotta read more - Kill Phil's coming soon - I'm excited for that one.

I played a $109 today - out of BR scope but within means - I figure for a month of good behavior I'm entilted to occasionally risk 1/5th my BR on a decent tourney online - I lost -

then played a $36 satellite for a $215 - played about 5 this year so far with no luck - I win it - cashed out the satellite seat.

I then sign up for a $11 turbo - invest $31 and bust -

so I'm ahead - barely :) - I think I'll keep working on my .50/$1.00 limit game tonight - :)


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