Monday, September 20, 2004

Just watched "The Girl Next Door" with Elisha Cuthbert - goddamn.....I need a girl like that (one to challenge me...not a porn star...though Elisha can run me thru the ringer anytime..)

just died 288th in the 10 buck of those all in's with AK from the SB only to get repopped in the BB (hate that...) - knew I could get the other two out...but I was looking at KK in that BB - I was on a hell of a run too...up to 25K by the 2nd hr...

they offered me the job...almost a 50 percent raise, which basically means I'm in good shape for yrs...could start a family and buy a house if I had the will to attract the one or possess the other

it's not midnight yet...I could run to a bar and play happyhour with all the other lusers...but I won't. - but i don't wanna be inside....maybe I'll go for a drive with the window down....

Happy Hour - Matthew Ryan.

Well, the clocks are quiet, little Joe's in jail
He got stopped late Sunday, piss drunk and orn'ry, took a swing, no bail
And Clyde only smiles when Mary Anne is here
You know, she married too young to a poor anyone, for money, for fear

It's happy hour - the music is loud
It's happy hour - tell a joke, light a smoke, just let the day go for now

Now things aren't the same since Toby was killed
For a while we assumed he got fed up and moved for his dream in Nashville
But we're all moving targets and it's all for sale
Either a pearl shaped pill is killing your will or you're tooth and nail

It's happy hour - the music is loud
It's happy hour - tell a joke, light a smoke, just let the years go for now
Just let the years go for now

Now it's barely dark out but it's falling light
Maybe I should go, settle in at home, I could sit and write all night
But I've got trouble that don't let me move
If you had everything you wished for, then what would you live for and what would you lose?

It's happy hour - the voices get louder
It's happy hour - tell a joke, light a smoke, just let your dreams go for now
Just let your dreams go for now


At 9:54 AM, Blogger Chris Halverson said...

Great news on the job! Now you should go down and play the main event at the Fall Poker Classic! :)

At 10:21 AM, Blogger whiskeytown said...

no can do...

hours are 7pm-7am Wed-Fri -

even if I got out of there early on Thurs, I'd never be able to play final table on fri...:)

will be there at noon today tho. for the $120 NL game.


At 11:09 AM, Blogger Chris Halverson said...

Yeah, that kinda sucks.

I thought about being "sick" today and trying out the $100 one. My NL "skills" aren't good enough to risk $300, so I really wanted to try the $100. Oh well...

Good luck!!


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