Sunday, September 19, 2004

the guy who busted my KK with J/10 went on cut the deal with the final 6 - (deal was cut based on chip count, and he was 3rd, but he finished in 4th, I see...)

ah well...maybe he was smarter then I thought.


listening to Matthew Ryan's "Concussion" - darkest album I've ever heard...I usually only listened to it on cold winter drives at 6am on my way into work when I was half suicidal...

but now it just sorta soots the mood - two poker games (the PS 20 buck PL/NL double header) and some candles lit - no lights... - now all I need is the whiskey...:)

maybe if I don't get the job... - hopefully not... - I wanted it tonight tho...probalby a good think I'm not dating that singer...I'd follow her into a bar and put anything in the glass she wanted. - but then, nothing wrong with that.



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