Friday, March 31, 2006

So, tell me you gamble? How about a gamble on an uberpost? - I'll give you good odds - or maybe just some quickies -


This week I've played a couple $20 SNG's - one table - I've had limited success in the past but this week it was a 1st and a 2nd no issue - double up to $200 and moving on -


This blog and my world is getting torn apart - I'm growing the hair out and have had a beard for two months - I'm starting a recording next week - (not the demos or back up tracks anymore - the real recording) and I figure I got one more shot to LOOK like a musician -

besides, even if the hair is thinning on top, I wanna grow it out, grow the bushy beard and the long hair down the sides and walk around with a hat like that guy I saw last night on the WPT - Tim Anders? - that was cool - LOL - I hope if I get old, I look like an old hippie.


This is Amerika I live in - land of the Religious Right and those for whom Jesus appears to have commanded to "go, and imprison those who disagree with my commands as you interpret them" - I'm resigned to two more years of quasi-fascism from the Right.

Now we have the "Immigration" battle - too many immigrants - boo hoo - too many foreigners - shut the borders.

First off, when you do this - go out to NYC and tear down that goddamn Statue of Liberty - tell the tired, poor, and huddled masses there is no room here - leave us alone. Give it back to France.

Second, when you lock up the borders tight - be SURE you send your kids out to the harvesting fields - we have a convenient arrangement - Mexicans come to work, we let them, they send money to starving family in Mexico or else they relocate to the US - this is NOT work we want - it is farm labor, and they want it -

the current status quo is for them to sneak around, try to cross the border, get the label of "Illegal immigrant" and be shipped back - it's sort of a half ass way of doing things - kinda like Marijuana or the "Don't Ask, Don't tell" policy - the border is porous cause we NEED these people but the voters won't stand for just letting them in, so we make it difficult - we also take honest law-abiding people who are looking to work and label them criminals.

we also put their lives at risk as more and more of them go further into the Desert to try and cross -

We have 41% of the resources in this world we consume, and we're what, 11 percent of the population? - Reality check, people - the world will not allow this to continue -
All it takes is a few more bullshit idiots like GWB and we're likely to find ourselves with a decimated army, low on Oil reserves, becoming the isolationists who shake our heads and insist our behavior has nothing to do with coral being killed or Thousand year old glaciers melting away. We'll be bankrupt from constantly rebuilding thanks to the rather vicious (yet justified) way in which the Weather chooses to deal with our incompetence by creating mega storms and throwing them all over the place.

there is a piece of me that does not believe the America I love will return - it is now Amerika - there is a piece of me that says the Republicans will not lose the midterms and will not lose a major election for the next 20 years - they own the voting machines, remember?

I believe we are a great country because we have been generous with our bounty - we have attracted the best and brightest and may continue to do so. To do otherwise at this time is ignorance.

Furthermore, we are fucking stupid, fiscally bankrupt, and the Republicans in particular have a moral bankruptcy I have not seen since the Pharisees crucified Christ for threatening their money machine.

Unless I die young - (a premonition I've always had, BTW) I believe I will live to see the death of my nation unless we, the voters, send such a landslide to congress that not even rigged Voting machines without paper trails will be able to hide the Democratic Majority keeping an eye on the smirking chimp.

I got a lot of hope, but I know my history, people - it repeats itself - we are on a nasty fucking road.

I plan on documenting it, BTW - what the hell - if Rome is burning and you got marshmalllows, grab a stick and write down who is raping who, cause there will be payback -



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