Monday, February 27, 2006


I get down to 10 bucks of my $400 in tourney dollars I was converting - I have $300 and need to make a $100 win - but I gave up, of course....decided to cash out after this last $20 tourney.

I take 3rd for $920 or so -

yah, it's good to take a break - I had about 3-4 hands where I was about oh, handed a double up like it was candy - free flops with BB's that gave me a pretty solid lock and I made drawing hands pay - made good laydowns -

well, that'll work - 1K closer to being back in the red :)

nice - I'm making final tables about 20% of the time I've made the money according to - sweet - at least that's a good pattern to be stuck in.



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