Monday, February 13, 2006

average week overall - I had 400 in tourney dollars - I have about 108 left and only have made about 230 in cash, so I'm behind about $70 from a break-even conversion of tourney to real dollars - no biggie - one or two good MTT's can fix that - maybe the $20 180 player SNG's - those are soft.

Well, I took my money I withdrew cashwise - my CC balance was a little higher then I remembered it being - so it took the cashout and most of my check - I'm living on about $350 for the next two weeks and probably only $500 the two after that after all expenses ;) - but my credit card debt from when I was unemployeed is offically history - my biggest interest sucker.

I still have 3500 I owe for ye ol' big screen TV - but that was a good investment - worth the kaching - LOL - and no interest on that - I'll make that go away in about 3 months unless I get a big ass ol' tourney win somewhere -

and despite my slight setbacks, the fact is I've been playing slightly profitable poker for about 6 weeks now, made a few final tables, and am just sitting tight, waiting for the winter to end.

that damned credit card haunted me for years - I'm glad it's gone.



At 11:17 AM, Anonymous njchick said...

Pretty scary if Party and the other online sites allow multiple accounts to register these big $$$ tournaments.

I really don't understand why they allow this?

Just awful from a PR standpoint.

At 11:44 AM, Blogger whiskeytown said...

I'd like to see it shake up the online poker world a bit.

Now a lot of people are saying "well, it's not that big an advantage EV wise" - but in the hands of a skilled player, it's pretty fucking big, IMHO - it removes a big chunk of the luck factor out of tourneys, which is the one thing stopping a pro from sweeping every tourney.

other guys are saying "oh, I don't think it was intentional" - well, if you "unintentionally" steal money from someone, and don't give it back, you can and should be charged..

but that's bullshit - anyone who's played a poker tournament knows that's bullshit - they're acting like he didn't know or think it was wrong....hmmm..let's see - do they let you do it in a B&M? - duh -

it's what I call deliberate ignorance - like these guys on the stand who say they can't remember if they had a conversation, cause then they can feign innocence - feels like total bullshit to me. -

Either way, needs to be locked down now so it happens less.



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