Saturday, February 18, 2006

between this Feburary Album Writing month and my new love of a game called Battlefield 2, the poker/blog updates were sorta sparse this week - partially due to my cashout, partially due to burnout, and partially due to a re-allocation of resources.

I've been thinking a lot about music lately - it's was and always will be my first love - more then poker, and more then blogging - I think I can push things a little further there then most -

Been thinking about God a lot more, and I would like to do some writings on that - a la fredrick buchener or something - philosophy and an interpretation of what I understand the Christian Life to be. The fact that this contradicts a large chunk of what the Religious Right says Christianity is encouraging to me - someone has to shake the stick somewhere - LOL.... - let's make Pat Robertson shit his pants when I'm done tearing a new hole in his ass to match the two he already has in his ears - he keeps his head up there so much anyways he needs an extra airway to breathe thru.

Listening to Pauly talk this week, and reading what I'm seeing out there makes one thing clear to me, as a poker blogger, I can't draw a crowd - I got more comments from the songs then I did about the posts of the 140K cheater and his subsequent loss of said funds - He has come clean and admitted he cheated and deserved to lose the 140K prize, BTW -

"The account 'ABlackCar' was not made for multi-accounting. It was intentionally made for my grandma for her birthday present. However, it was never given to her. So, I had an extra account. Yes, I multi-tabled. Yes, it is incredibly easy. Yes, many people do it was . You really have no idea about the situation"

Maybe it's cause I've busted my ass at poker and only gotten small returns and it's partially because guys like this are responsible. I've gotten returns nevertheless, but they are lower then I'd like them to be - a lot of dishwater tourney finishes - maybe it's the massive amount of traffic that other bloggers get and I don't - maybe I just suck as a poker writer. I was hoping by throwing the JJProdigy story out here I'd get more traffic redirected etc, etc - but I'm probably dreaming.

but I really don't feel like writing much about poker right now - a good chunk of me is saying "when the two year anniversary comes, what if I never wrote here again" and part of me just wants to go "meh" -


I'll be amazed if I last 6 more months on 2+2 - I have in at least two seperate forums called people to the Mat if they wanna rumble - once in SNG/One table forums and once in the OOT (other off topics) -

I have my share of disgruntled people - Generally I am universally loved or reviled - I accept that, but I don't accept being reviled in print by people who are so clearly beneath me I can't tell if it's Jealously or Stupidity motivating them, so I made a couple angry posts telling people to shut the fuck up. - The 2nd one turned into a Whiskeytown Love Fest, which other people promptly started bitching about -

Every time I say this, I lose a few votes to any future political career, but the fact is, it would be better for the Human Race if we didn't coddle and protect the stupid people in life so much. I feel like making a "You are Stoopid" shirt - LOL -

Am I really that smart and conceited? - only about one or two things - my music and my writing - if you can keep up with me, feel free to criticize - otherwise, I'm swinging back - ;) - Hell, I don't even gotta swing back -

I think Woody Guthrie said it best and I'm paraphrasing - I'll find the exact quote later -

- he said without their music, their empty words and mindless chatter, we'd have nothing to compare our work to - it makes us look bold and proud compared to the mindless rantings of the majority - that applies to writers, musicians, and individuals -

Fuck the lowest common demoninator.



At 2:39 PM, Blogger DrChako said...

Why do you blog?

I know why I blog. I do it for me. The fact that anyone else finds it interesting fascinates me, but it's really secondary.

FWIW - You are in my daily rotation because you found a voice that's different from me and Pauly and Otis and anyone else out there.

As far as cheating goes, I stopped online playing altogether about a month ago. As of yesterday, I'm taking a break from LHE ring games until I get my head on right.

Last thought - if not for the lowest common denominator, we'd just be even money.

At 10:01 PM, Blogger iamhoff said...

Doc's got some good points. I read your blog because you are different from many of the usual suspects out there (who are fine, btw, just different), and I like your style. Your avatar, on the other hand scares the bejeezus out of me on the table. I agree that the LCD sucks and can drag you down, but sometimes you can step on the LCD and move up and past it. Just my 2 cents' worth.

At 10:01 PM, Blogger iamhoff said...

BTW, JJProdigy is a tool and got what was coming to him.

At 2:24 PM, Blogger Drizztdj said...

Just continue to be yourself, not someone for your readers.

At 1:44 PM, Blogger Ignatious said...

i read hamill's memoir 'a drinking life' while on holiday this past week and wanted to thank you for the recommendation.

per blogging - don't ever compare yourself to anyone else. you've got a unique voice and that alone is worth tons. hell, if i ever compared myself to pauly (or several others), i'd quit blogging in a heartbeat.

At 7:56 AM, Blogger Daddy said...

Do you take requests?
If so, Rex's Blues, please.


At 5:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

LCD=people who actually care about internet chat battles.


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