Thursday, March 02, 2006

due to the large numbers of idiots who are upset about the fact their favorite heroes are LOSERS, who CHEAT, and they can't ACCEPT it, I have decided to add comment moderation - I would set it up to just weed out anonymous cowards, but I have found said cowards usually just end up starting a quick account and posting again -

people with dissent I can stand - almost tolerate, but these boneheads - man.... where's a good fatal flu epidemic when you need one.

some people would do a better service to humanity if they would just take Walter Matthau's advice, and pull their lower lip over their head and swollow.


got another final table on a tourney, but ended up with 8th when I pushed with 66 and got called by T7 - he had the most chips and was playing every hand, so I sorted wanted a call by crap - too bad he got a 7 - ah well.


swear to God, I know I'm a smart guy and all - (MENSA material at one point) - and I know I'm arrogant, but jesus, I'm surrounded by Morons - LOL - seriously - if they ain't writing in telling me to get a life (as if an anonymous poster in a blog comment field can give me any useful advice on finding a life) but they're running me down with T7

nevermind - forget the T7 was suited - LOL.



At 3:23 PM, Blogger DrChako said...

So now we know what donkeys do when they aren't drawing, they post hate comments in blogs. Cool.


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