Saturday, March 18, 2006

Mike Schneider has won the Party Poker V tourney - it's not WPT, so it's not big news -

This is Schneids, as we in 2+2 know him - a very young looking UofM player who I've had the benefits of playing with once at a 2+2 private home game -

Unless I found out he used multiple entries, (which I don't think he did), this would have been the first time I had played with a WPT champ, had the WPT still sponsored this tourney - LOL -

congrats, Mike - awesome -

in that home game he looked so young I thought he'd be illegal - not in MN - but yah, he just turned 22 - lol - millionaire at 22 -

you better get laid, bro - by lots of cute sorority girls who want to use you for one night stands - :)



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