Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I have gone over in the blog an ad nauseum number of times my love for Jesus, but my disgust with the fundamentalist/OT mindset of Christian that seeks to legislate his beliefs in the US Government.

I have been reading "American Gospel - God, the Founding Fathers, and the making of a nation" - by Jon Meacham - There were wingnuts in the 1776 era too - wanting loyality oaths to Christianity - but the founders thought free will and freedom to choose was more important. Sometimes Faith has played a prominent role in our leaders (Abraham Lincoln), but the founders always meant it to be seperate - the wall of church and state that seperates and protects the Church from the corruption of money and politics.

In a way that is unimaginable to me previously, this knowledge and understanding comes forefront in the recent attempts by Bill Frist, the aspiring Presidental candidate for 2008, to include an online gambling ban within our bill on Port Security.

In a way I could never explain or ever fully convey to you from my experience with the mindset, you are now aware of what it can do - it wants your contraception too - and that's not an idle threat. They would try to ban it -

And by They, I mean this wingnut Republican drone who's new banner cry isn't "fiscal responsibility" or "deregulation" but the Morals Values voters who cry "Abortion is Murder" while taking no responsibility for the poor who are "created" out of former Middle Class participants under this Republican Party Platform.

In many ways, Online poker was SALVATION from Bush Administration Policies - the slowdown in the economy under his command sent some skilled laborers to the PC to make a living playing online poker - fortunately, one I know lives in Canada where he is not only making a living, but not being taxed for gambling winnings ;)

The hypocrisy of such a man - a man who is facing charges related to license renewel - the charges of these men who would let a pedephile continue to go after White House Pages so as to preserve their majority in the House of Representatives?

Don't come to me with your false morality - you are hypocrites who live in glass houses, and you have thrown stones thru your own walls trying to peg us, and now you live in a house with broken glass all over the floor and you will deserve to get your feet cut to shreds, just like Bruce Willis in Die Hard - but then you'll cry and mamby pamby about how Bin Laden is dead cause we chased an old man with Kidney Failure into the mountains and outlasted him after 5 friggen yrs - wonderful triumph - and that's still assuming you GOT him - there's still no evidence, but I expect that to be the Oct. Surprise they were preparing.

no one deserves to lose power like the Republicans do - it couldn't happen to nicer people - seriously - it COULDN'T - but they deserve to lose every seat they have up for office this year.

I hope in protest, Online Poker players make a vote to the next viable candidate this year - throw the bums out - or if you like the lesser evil bums, (starting to like Barack Obama myself) - then put more of them in power, but these ones right now -

This "Christian Dominionism" thing - it's starting to become a severe thorn - let's cut it and pull it before it becomes worse -

I have a calling from God to vote Democrat this election again - hallejuah - and I need no other reason now then to see the forces at work, as I feared, coming after us who don't give enough money to their Church.

The biggest problem I have is many who vote Republican are just scared - if your pastor tells you "I don't think you're a Christian - how can a Christian vote Democrat and not care about those 1 million babies this year and this holocaust of 40 million" - that's spiritual blackmail and abuse by the Clergy - they should be removed - but mostly I think if you look at it in perspective, the Democratic platform is more conductive to the Christian viewpoint.

Good news is, I'm seeing notes about the internet gambling ban on Slashdot, Huffington Post, and other sites - people are asking me about it - and I'm prefacing everything with "That asshole, Bill Frist, is just doing it to pander to the religious base by sticking his dick into us and his religious pork into a port spending bill to pander to the Religious Right for a 2008 run - throw all the Republicans out, because as Leader of the Senate, Bill is speaking for all those Drones who would just try to take away more of our rights as an American -

furthermore, they all have interests in defense companies and won't end the war until they absolutely have to - time to end that conflict of interest by removing the one piece we can - the ability to maintain the war thru a 50.1 percent majority.

notice the part about pandering to the Religious Right - The Left does it too and the "Religious Left" - (Humphrey went after Tobacco in MN for a run at Governor) - but this is the worst kind of pandering - moral preachy religious pandering in a deceitful and underhanded manner, and it's in line with their failed attempts to write discrimination into the constitution. They knew it would fail, but they have to try to rally the base - it's deplorable and not worthy of the men we should have running the country.

let it be your battle cry - a lot of people may be interested in our new situation - we are now respectable - let's not let them treat us like criminals - I will not vote for a political party that would have me jailed for smoking weed, using a condom, or making poker illegal again -

stupid politicans are the worst of the stupid - blind leading the blind - liars and hypocrites who deserve to be prosecuted if they were involved in coverups - time to end this sick reign before it takes on that insidious ugly form it sometimes takes called religious fascism. - it's getting every bit as bad as Taliban in here folks - I'd be looking for states that preserve the rights of it's citizens to play online poker.

and I'd be looking for online proxies and other ways around the system ;)

but all the same, good thing I'm working on bankroll management - besides, haven't you heard? I can't keep a lot of money in my account right now - "That asshole, Bill Frist, is doing this to pander to the religious base by sticking his dick into us and his religious pork into a port spending bill to pander to the Religious Right for a 2008 run - throw all the Republicans out"



At 3:32 PM, Blogger DrChako said...

Speaking as a Republican, I'm beginning to agree with you. I've never voted for a party - I vote for candidates and issues, and this election promises to be issue-based, baby.

Once again, I'm embarrassed by my political party. I'm still registered to vote in Florida, and this Foley thing just sucks. A hypocrite is the worst form of politician, and sitting on a board that is protecting children while preying on children should be punishable. I’m beginning to think anyone with knowledge of this should also be punished, but most top level politicos will easily distance themselves from any foreknowledge of these events. Look for some mid-level staffer to take the blame for not informing his boss in a timely manner.

My big concern is personal. I am coming to the end of my military career and I’d really like to survive it. If Republicans stay in office, our military presence in Iraq will likely not change much in the next two years. If a Dem gets elected, we will begin to withdraw at the exact time I can get out of the Army. This GREATLY increases the vulnerability of our troops in theater and increases my likelihood of being deployed (doctors and hospitals are ALWAYS needed most at the beginning and end of conflicts).

Seems like a lose-lose to me.


At 4:25 PM, Blogger whiskeytown said...

I gave up on them in 2002 -

I think for many people, this whole Woodward/Iraq denial thing requires them to concede a point most don't want to make - that they were duped by GWB about the war in Iraq.

Most folks would rather stay the course then admit they were duped - but the guy who admits it and changes his position is much smarter then the one who never had to admit he was wrong.

admitting you are wrong is part of the growing process - something these men were able to stop doing a long time ago.


At 10:58 PM, Blogger DrChako said...

Agreed. I'd respect my party a lot more if someone in power just came forward and said, "Oops. My bad. We'll fix this right now."

BTW - I feel like an idiot for not having you linked on my blog (see - some Republicans can admit their mistakes). The situation has been corrected.



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