Friday, October 29, 2004

I just came back from visiting M. where he's buried.

It's a very foggy warm fall morning - I think I found the spot - it was freshly dug with no sod laid over it yet in the location the admin desk told me - no marker yet, but pretty sure that was the spot. He's really close to one of MN's famous governor's actually - a good friend to the working man and the poor - so that's cool.

I left him two red poker chips there sunk into the muddy ground. - You're supposed to leave two pennies for the boatman so the deceased can pay the ferryman for passage across the river Styx. - Maybe my friend can take the two chips and win the damned boat from that bastard and go way further. Maybe I should have left him a couple of Aces too :)

In any's a nice place - forgot what it was like to stand out around fall trees in the early morning fog - very nice actually - he'd like it. When you spend a lot of time like me drinking in crummy bars at forget what it's like to be outside in the fall in the early morning with a clear head. I know I have lately.

pax, bro.



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