Thursday, October 21, 2004

well, it's Thursday, 3am....time for the official Whiskeytown update regarding bullshit/dirt/grief/poker/women/politics/and general all around fuck it cause I’m bored update.

Felicia has been taking grief from the Game Show Network for her coverage of WPPA events – threatening to sue her, etc, etc…the stuff is up at – I don’t see how any television network can prohibit people from informing others of public sporting events. A private tourney with a NDA – MAYBE – but she didn’t even sign one because she just covered it, I guess. And the whole vibe of the whole thing in general makes me angry, cause she believed in it and basically had me sorta believing in it too… - ah well.

And for that matter, who ever heard of telling a journalist how to cover a story? – Like Andy Glazer said….yer not a journalist then…you’re a flack for the guys and you write the press releases – so I’ll read the rest of her stuff with interest – It’s interesting cause she put the best shine on the events she covered, and then starts pointing out the downside after the fact – I guess at that point, I’d have just quit by the 2nd event and told everyone to go to the Belle.

Last week was not as good as it should have been – major fucking downswing emotionally.. – a couple drunken nights – one hangover, and about a dozen deleted/rewritten posts to here and various bulletin boards before I let one stand and passed out – I’m seeing my money in my checking account so I’m happier, but I’ll be happier when I have something I want to spend it on.

On the other hand, decent upswing on the WTPT - The Whiskeytown Poker Tour has erased it’s losses by about 180 dollars in the 3/6 column and $20 in the Limit Tourney games. . – after dropping $100 on live games Sun, I came up $100 on Mon and $160 on Tues. – some good jackpot deals going on right now at Canterbury, so I’ll probably go out there for them on Sun/Mon nights for awhile. – If for no other reason then free bratwurst on Mon. Night – I think I’ll play 3/6 for a few more days – see if I can get under a grand before MAYBE going down to 2/4 or going back online. I just don’t want to play online right now – I can’t sit in that apt. 16 hrs. a day without going fucking psycho.

Played the $50 limit tourney perfectly into the money then got all in on the turn with KK vs QQ – river is a Q and I’m left with only $20 of a possible $1700 I could have won (and the guy who trounced me won it) –

I have not heard from one friend (Adam) in 3 weeks – guess that aid worker sex is better then hanging with friends….and then I heard from two (former girl I dated and former friend who was around during the drinking binges) today – still nothing yet from the naughty librarian turned trust fund baby I’m hoping to meet, but I know she’s out there somewhere…:D

Incredible article in the NYT by Ron Suskind about what happens when a president who governs by faith is put in charge of the US – he makes a point I could have made in Bible School 10 years ago – people who govern by faith pass their decisions to those under them by faith, and expect the same blind obedience they gave God. –

I could go on a whole essay on God….books have been written on the problems of doubt and faith that is lost when trials are nasty. Suffice it to say….I am not nor will I ever be the guy I was 3 yrs. ago. – That’s sorta sad, really –

Strange to see a point in one’s life where everything irreversibly changed and never goes back – kinda bugs me…



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