Sunday, July 25, 2004

Last night, I went out to a home in Shakopee and played with 8 other 2+2'er in a home game.  One of those tables you don't mind sitting around, but not at a casino with a rake, cause then everyone loses -

generally very peaceful - very cool - I could see where some people could rub people the wrong way, esp. if their online persona is worse then the live one, but I'd do it again sometime.

also played a lot of game I've never heard of...some rough improvising of strategy - I laid down the best hand a couple of times thinking if that had 4 cards and disposed of two,  they surely could beat pocket A's on the river

my one interesting note was how several of the younger players were at a total loss in a game like lowball - (of course, I didn't know what a declare was in H/L stud either) - and 4 of the players were playing for a living - mostly 15/30 short gamed players, so I had a slight advantage there...

but only left 30 bucks down....not bad considering I had never played half those games b4 that night...I'd do it again....



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