Friday, July 30, 2004

the boss is gone today...I can blog with impunity - blog, blog, blog....

band practice last night had a fiddle player added - that's good me someone to talk to about picking it up - maybe do the Sukuki method or something -

I'm still thinking about the 2+2 game I played last week...4 guys at the table were full time pros - another couple were regular 15/30 players - and it bugs me that I'm this smart (one of those Mensa flunkies) and I can't seem to get to a point where I'm winning consistantly - in fact, my losses have increased by about another thousand in the last 2-3 months -

I'm tight/passive - not tight aggressive enough, and in a game where 1.5 BB/hr is average, there's not a lot of room for missing the extra bet -

is it doomed to become another expensive hobby that I enjoy but never make the big money at? - (a la guitar playing) ?- 

let's face it...what I realy want is a couple big wins...get a 2-4 mil. nut in place, and just spend the rest of my life doing nothing - pick up a fiddle, slide guitar, and just play music and poker when I want -

ah well - gotta plan a vacation here soon - going to MT for about 10 days mid august...hope I can afford to actually go there -



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