Thursday, June 29, 2006

wow - I spent a week in Vegas and the WSOP has started and I don't care -

I think part of my problem is that since I've been a profitable poker the last 6 mos. I've sorta felt like I've beaten the game to a degree that satisifies me, and now I want to move on and quit - LOL - go figure - wonder what ya can do -

time to become a musician again, I guess.


Monday, June 26, 2006

playing my first online SNG in almost a month - played one in vegas and chumped a couple tourneys - got 2nd in one - down a few hundred that trip -

I have had some good times - met some poker acquaintences I've known of online for awhile - got to hang out in Vegas, play with a lot of passive locals - what can ya say.

But no real juice to dive back in yet - just wanna chil a while - play some medium SNG's - I'm losing connection to the money - took some big shots that haven't come in like the $215 - so...back to the basics for a week or two -

try to remember how to play this game from a purely computerized and offensive standpoint.


Thursday, June 15, 2006

back from Montana - not having easy access to a kitten to pet is going to be a stressful transition - at any given time I had 2-3 faithful dogs and 10-12 kittens at my disposal - LOL.

in all seriousness - my life is in serious suck and burnout mode - maybe that's why poker/updates have vanished - I dunno - now a week in Vegas -

I've sorta lost the will to do a lot of the dumb stuff again lately - I feel damaged somehow and can't quite pull it together at the current time.



Friday, June 09, 2006

I'm in MT - nothing going on really - just visiting and taking vacation -


Friday, June 02, 2006

without a doubt - I am burned out on many things, including poker -

leaving for MT - 10 days with no Inet and no poker and no pc (well, 8 days and 2 days on the friggen road to and from) - then a week in Vegas for work -

I'll pick up some NL in Vegas - :) - and if I get a chance I'll post from MT - but I'm not too up on reading the internet

I've been reading this investigative piece -

I think we've lost our country to a coup - I really do. And I think they'll take drastic measures to ensure they maintain their grasp on Nov. and on the presidency in 2008 - all it would take is another "act of terror" by ANYTHING or anyone and they'd have an excuse to declare martial law and suspend the constitution.

or maybe it'll just be another rigged vote in another state - fruck.

I am so glad I'll be safe in the wilderness of Montana on 6/6/06, BTW - and I think I'll make sure I don't hit the 666 post count before then ;)