Sunday, May 28, 2006

I am pissed off in a special way that would give me the rights to homicide if I could find the motherfucker that sold me a defective alarm clock.

Won an easy seat to the Pokerstars Mil - $500 this time (end of the month) - after my near miss at the beginning of the month, I made sure I was registered and went to bed -

and overslept by 90 min - woke up with 1500 chips, 75/150 blinds, and near the bottom with 1K players left.

10 hands later get AQ, get all in vs AJ and he spikes the 3 outer right on the flop -

seriously - someone somewhere deserves death...fuckers.

I do believe that is my most depressing poker tourney all year - my alarm is STILL on, like it never rang, and I never turned it off...WTF? - FUCK!!!!!!!!



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