Wednesday, May 10, 2006

More poker stories - sick of my winnings yet? - LOL - - just a quickie -

with this influx of new cash, I've been sorta picking up one or two more toys but I intend to start re-investing eventually - I need to get my game back up a couple more notches -

I took 500 out and put it in a site to clear a bonus but it became immediate that I didn't like the vibe/table/software -

so I'm sitting here trying to justify ways i can play out this 500 and get my bonus, and I can't seem to track hands with pokertracker with it - it bugged me to no degree -

so I'm sitting here thinking about it, and I realized my peace of mind was of primary importance and withdrew the $478 I still had there - (lost $22 in a tourney - LOL) -

I remember a marketing teacher once told me that peace of mind is a virtue to a product even if it's only perceived - I think the same goes for both the stuff they try to sell you and the stuff you measure on your own.

Where the hell is my WSOP seat and my poker groupies and my female poker players with all the knowledge and tricks to make BOTH my games better - LOL

what good is winning 196th in the damn Million Dollar Guarantee if it doesn't have groupies, man... -

speaking of smoking hot female poker players, Jennifer "Jennicide" Leigh seems to have turned up the smoulder content on her website - I've always been a fan and have probably crushed on her more then I should (she's a geek girl, from what I hear) - but I dunno - this latest move reminds me of Lindsey Lohan dying her hair blonde - it don't work for me.

and yet my opinion means nothing though it be honest - alas and woe - LOL - anyways on to better bullshit - next couple months are gonna be crazy - I need a calendar to actually mark all this stuff down -

Will be in Vegas the 18th-23rd as part of a Networkers plan - I have a bad bad feeling I'm gonna wish I had reserved my hotel room a bit better - damn...guess I'll find out tonight.



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