Wednesday, May 17, 2006

as I predicted, here I come, starting the inevitable trek back to the quick and simplicity of a quickie relationship.

Where I can just be in and out quick - if we got 20 min, I got 20 min - and if we get some more time, we can just kick back and take our time - and when I'm ready to boot her ass out the door, out she goes -

I am speaking of course, of my recent attempts at grinding out a limit bankroll again.

I feel like I'm proving myself enough in tournaments that I wanted to play some limit tables and do some butt kicking - Two days I did Canterbury, but now for the next three days, I'll be working 12 hrs shifts -

to come home, fire up the pc on the spot, and get 120 hands in, not in a 3 hrs drive/run, but in 60 min, that just kicks so much ass - I do hate the uncertain time commitment of a tourney - but do like not risking a lot -

but then, if you're risking only 30BB/table, that's not a big risk -

my inintial PT stats on today's table suggested a very TA-P player - and I mean the preflop stats are passive and the post stats are donkworthy 3's and 4's -

this is a terrible thing to think - but I could move home and retire anytime if I could play poker for a living - hell - I could move home anyways - get a small cabin and some I-net and just have fun playing poker -

sorta sad to say the pursuit of money as a means to security has been on my mind heavily as of late - hilarious seeing as how it provides neither happiness nor true security -

what can ya do..


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