Thursday, December 30, 2004

ah well - if a writer can't look past devestating losses of life to wallow in a little self pity, what good is he...

I'm being forced to have more human contact then is normal - I'm doing this New Year's Eve party tomorrow, and on Mon. I have something resembling a date/coffee/beer with a girl who lives about 3 blocks from me - not sure if I should have a couple drinks before she gets there and then drink pop and look like I'm abstaining - LOL -

on the poker front, I've thrown up twice in my last two trips out to Canterbury - one can see why i don't go there so much.... I'm fine unless I have to wait an hr. for a table, at which point, I'm going to the bar to slam down pints of Mike Hard Lemondae - a few high cost tourneys I had no business being in put me in the -1500 cat. for the yr. in losses - guessing it'll stay that way for the yr. I was doing fine Mon. night till I ate that crappy hotdog - then the shit couldn't stay down. damned hotdogs -

I got my amp from Bill, my Masterlink from Musician's friend, and i've recorded a cover of a song that'll go on a fan based tribute album to the Vigilantes of Love - I'll probably leave a link for it on here in a couple days. - it's not my song, but people can listen to it maybe...

my clothes are too tight - we got bigass porkchops from J.D. Hoyt - I've unbuttoned the top button of my pants here at work....much better fit -

Iggy has reposted Fetish and Losing in Las Vegas in his blog entry for the 30th of Dec - go here to read it - Hilarious to live the hard life - makes me look like a temperence driving saint - LOL

I realized again yet Tuesday that I have no clue what moderation means - not just in the booze way, but in anything that I enjoy including video games and DVD's - ....ah well - who needs Tuesday anyways....wasn't important - LOL -

an unusual warm wave of weather has hit Minneapolis - meaning freezing rain - meaning dumbshits galore - let me give you a basic tip about winter driving - just drive SLOWER - but not here in Minneapolis - which reminds me - when traveling, we love to look tough by talking how easy the winter is down in so and so - if they do that around you, bitch slap them. I'm gonna act like I'm freezing when I go to Vegas - (it's also 49 in vegas....wild - mostly in the 40's and 50's there) -

I should just say fuck it and schedule the flight/room to Vegas - I won't be out of debt but I'll be in the cold backdoor thrust of winter - best week will be the end of Jan or the week afterwards, as I'm going on the 4 day week the 3rd one -

prices range from $371 (downtown) to $471 (travelodge) to $571 (Flamingo) to the shit I'm too cheap to pay for - this includes airfare and 4 nights of rooms, of course - though anyone who catches the plane at 6am should lose the room on Tues, IMHO - but that's just me. Maybe I'll ask online -

once it's scheduled, I can relax....LOL -



At 2:17 PM, Blogger Felicia :) said...

Stay downtown. Nix Travelodge, it's too far from anything, and not even as nice as the DT hotels.

See you soon!


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