Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Been a nice couple weeks - last three sessions have almost all ended give or take with double my $100 buy-in.

Noticing a fundamental shift in my choices again - whereas two years ago I had written off ring games for tourneys - (i.e. the big money) - I'm now only interested in ring games again - specifically LL ring games at Canterbury - not even online -

It's a return to the tangible - to the human experience that made the game so enjoyable and the chowderheads so readable. It is that original freedom to play as long as you want, with as many buy-in's as you can afford, and the possibility to take your money and walk away without committing to a 10-12 hr marathon of escalating blinds.

It is about the potential of 80% of the table being winners instead of 10% (yah, I know you need a dunderhead with deep stacks, but the POTENTIAL is there) - It is about little wins and not needing to hit an ATM instead of building a bankroll - it is about not being afraid to reraise knowing even if you are sucked out upon, the cash loss is low enough you don't have to be afraid of the loss as long as you played it right -

and it is about stacking chips higher and higher instead of reading a number on a screen - my lord, I am so sick of looking at computer screens and clicking mouses - give me the waitresses with the unlimited mountain dews and the tablemates with some interesting converstion

but give me the freedom of the ring games - not the long term high risk contract of the tournaments - phooey