Saturday, July 18, 2009

I am so ready for an uberpost - too many of us are gone - not the pros, but the amateurs watching from the sidelines reading books, taking swings, and apologizing to our significant others why we waste so much time on our terrible hobbies.

I re-read the first 6 months of this blog tonight - forgot how friggen good I was when I was self-destructive and hell bent - if I were still that way today, I wouldn't be writing, but I'm not writing anyways - (actually, I've been doing the rock and roller thing, but more like a folkie thing - you guys know all about that) -

I'm glad the exile (if that's what I call it) was documented - it's still an exile, but not self-imposed - now it just is what it is - I still hit canterbury and online- and in fact have played a lot more live then online - I'm sorta reverting to my old habits where I went to socialize and get a few bucks then for the purposes of building a bankroll - nice feeling -

true story - I dropped about $100 in a 4/8 hand this week - first time this has EVER happened to me - I flopped bottom set, someone else flopped middle set, and someone else flopped top set - turn paired the middle set - and I started to suspect I was doomed, but at 20-1 odds for a bad beat jackpot you gotta see the river - and I couldn't lay the river down - got 3 bets in there - rough hand, and rough beat, but dang, so close ;)

got a young lady who may come to visit for a few days - not sure where it will go and not sure it should go anywhere, but I won't be alone for a few days - and got my gig on Thursday - that's a nice comfort -

starting to rejoin certain discussion groups (2+2) and revisit old friends (Pauly/Iggy) - I have to say now, how the HELL do those WSPO guys last till Nov - I'd have half my expected winnings spent and probably would be living in a padded room waiting for my expected payout - not to mention worrying being out of practice - but as many have said, I'm so glad Ivey made it to the final table - no one deserves to be there more, IMHO

Maybe I'll try for the WSOP next year - maybe I'll try for better tourney strategy - I'll probably just play chess and do nothing meaningful with myself or my life, however - 'tis my nature

hope all your sets are top set -